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Jaguar Land Rover Choose Augmented Reality Training App for Global Launch of the Jaguar F-PACE

TTi Global's award-winning bespoke AR training solution to support the Global Retailer Launch Training for the new Jaguar F-PACE.

Customer Background

Jaguar Land Rover is a British multinational automotive company headquartered in Whitley, Coventry. The company specialise in the design, development, and manufacture of vehicles bearing the Jaguar and Land Rover marque. In 2015, Jaguar Land Rover's vehicle sales totalled  487,065 with record performance in UK, North America and Europe.

Jaguar F-PACE Global Launch training app using augmented reality

The Challenge

Jaguar Land Rover employ almost 38,000 people globally and support 275,000 more through its network of retailers, vehicle suppliers and local businesses.

As a world-leading automotive manufacturer, Jaguar Land Rover are focussed on delivering the very best customer experience. The disparity and distance between dealers and suppliers presents the challenge of ensuring sales teams learn and are trained to a consistently high level, thus enabling them to promote and sell new models of vehicle to the best of their ability.

As an iconic luxury brand, it is critical Jaguar Land Rover implement the best and most innovative training and promotional strategies to educate retailers whilst engaging and captivating their target audience.

The Solution

Jaguar Land Rover approached TTi Global Innovation and New Technologies Team, led by Gary Cowens, to design, develop and introduce a series of bespoke Augmented Reality training solutions.

The objectives of the AR applications were to support global product launch of the Jaguar F-PACE, and to highlight the features and benefits of Jaguar all-wheel drive offered across the portfolio for the first time; as well as enhancing brand recognition and differentiating their offering from other vehicle manufacturers.

TTi Global worked in partnership with Jaguar Land Rover to define and develop the scope of the AR applications.

Highlights of the final training solution include:

  • Fully interactive mobile AR apps featuring the highest level of vehicle model representation and realism
  • Innovative mix of 3D animated sequences, visualisations and graphics allowing retailers to explore the technology and performance capabilities under the vehicle’s skin
  • Responsive touch screen gestures enabling users to ‘peel away’ 3D layers and study specific vehicle components and functions
  • Engaging mixed media solution comprising in-app videos, animations and visualisations
  • Autonomous activation of each learning interaction, depending on the user’s position
  • Localised in 14 languages allowing users to download the app in their preferred language
  • Award-winning – TTi Global’s AR apps for Jaguar Land Rover won Bronze at the Learning Technologies Awards, London in December 2016 for the ‘Best Use of Simulation or Virtual Environments for Learning’.

Customer Benefits

Jaguar Land Rover realised several benefits of the AR training app, including an elevated, consistent training experience where trainees distinctly remembered more information. The consistency and depth of training provided by the AR app means that the company can save time bringing new vehicles to market, gaining a distinct competitive advantage.

The AR applications demonstrated beyond traditional learning delivery methods the performance capability of the vehicle. Inventive use of technology was able to remove the need for multiple prototype cars to be created and shipped across the world, going inside and under the skin of the vehicle to visualise structural and technical aspects.