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Industry-leading employee engagement and satisfaction research

Satisfied employees lead to satisfied customers

Our rigorous employee satisfaction research and staff feedback programmes identify the issues that really impact your staff engagement, satisfaction and loyalty, allowing you to:

  • Reduce sick days and absence
  • Strengthen your staff’s customer service skills
  • Enhance your staff’s interactions with customers, in turn improving customer satisfaction
  • Achieve higher employee and customer retention
  • Increase revenue streams through greater staff productivity
  • Create an effective, engaged and motivated workforce

Employee Engagement Quality Analysis (EEQA) - Unrivalled insight into your employees’ satisfaction and engagement drivers

Our long-standing experience of designing and implementing effective staff satisfaction surveys led us to develop the exclusive Employee Engagement Quality Analysis (EEQA) research framework.

EEQA sets the industry standard for employee research programmes by enabling organisations to measure and identify key drivers of engagement across all employee groups.

The most comprehensive staff survey of its kind, EEQA places the employee at the heart of the survey design, tracking every staff interaction with employers and enabling companies to pinpoint and resolve root causes of dissatisfaction.

EEQA enables you to:

  • Measure staff engagement and perception of you as an employer
  • Identify employees’ individual and group needs and requirements
  • Understand employees’ expectations and level of importance
  • Determine future factors which will become more important to staff and what will cause them to become ‘actively disengaged’ or leave the company
  • Pinpoint what your company does well, areas for improvement and what you can do less of, saving time and money
  • Evaluate each employee interaction point with managers and the wider company, from HR policies and procedures to training opportunities and discussions around salary    
  • Identify practical actions to improve employee engagement, allowing you to retain the best team members, enhance your customer experience and get ahead of competitors

Fully customised employee satisfaction survey

Our EEQA research tool is adapted to fulfil your precise research objectives, from providing an annual staff satisfaction survey to targeting specific policies or initiatives which impact upon one or several different staff groups.

Factors we can evaluate to measure staff engagement include:

  • Barriers and enablers affecting employee performance
  • Progression opportunities within the company
  • Training and development opportunities
  • Salary and benefit schemes
  • Employee recognition
  • Job role and responsibilities
  • Effectiveness and perception of management and leadership
  • Workplace environment - facilities and culture
  • Work/life balance
  • Staff feedback mechanisms and involvement in decision-making
  • Understanding of company objectives and goals and how an employee contributes
  • Comparison of workplace engagement with competitors

World-class analysis, proven research methodologies

TTi Global Research has over two decades’ experience of delivering employee satisfaction surveys for virtually every industry sector and is the market research agency of choice for top companies, including Jaguar Land Rover and the National Grid. 

Our combination of highly skilled researchers and proven research methodologies assure you of the highest quality feedback. From the start, our survey developers work with you to create questionnaires that ask exactly the right questions – considering your employee’s working environment, business function and working relationships – providing you with the most informative, actionable insights to support improved engagement and drive company growth.   

A multi-platform approach for the most insightful employee feedback

To extract the most valuable data we employ a range of cutting-edge and traditional research methodologies. As well as using the most appropriate method for your staff and the environment they work in, we consider the technology staff use and how best they like to communicate.

Some of the research solutions supporting employee understanding we provide are:

Qualitative research

  • Face-to-face in-depth interviews with employees to understand their requirements and get to the heart of underlying issues
  • Focus groups to acquire a deep understanding of employee group requirements, better understand current and emerging concerns and support action planning

Quantitative research

Our multi-mode survey data collection platforms include:

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