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Improving Tenant Satisfaction with Targeted Qualitative Research

March 11th 2020

UK social housing is under pressure to achieve a variety of outcomes for its residents, from keeping rents affordable so tenants can sustain tenancy to improving the quality of its homes and core services.

One of the primary ways social housing providers keep track of customer satisfaction is through the recently updated STAR customer satisfaction survey framework, as well as issuing post-interaction customer surveys, such as repair and maintenance questionnaires, and commissioning their own customer research. But despite having a goldmine of data at hand, one of the biggest challenges social housing providers face is understanding and analysing the data available to provide actionable insights that make a tangible difference to tenant satisfaction.

Alongside the issue of data sifting, our research work with social housing and housing association landlords reveals other research challenges, including:

  • Limited reporting – surveys such as the STAR survey are carried out annually or biennially only giving a snapshot of customer satisfaction trends at that point in time
  • Small respondent numbers – STAR surveys are often issued to a sample of tenants not reflecting the full picture 
  • One size doesn’t fit all – providers have different types of housing in different areas as well as different types of tenants, from starter to fixed-term tenancies, question sets often don’t account for this making it difficult to identify improvements for different resident segments
  • Basic analysis – measuring customer satisfaction with the quality of the home and frontline services gives broad-brush insight into one aspect of tenant satisfaction, however multiple factors pay into a quality tenant experience, from work outlook to lifestyle choices and social issues. Gaining a holistic understanding of the factors that drive satisfaction enables social landlords to make bigger, impactful changes.  

Our research experts help providers overcome these issues and boost their STAR and in-house survey programmes in several ways, including:

  • Designing and implementing tailored tenant satisfaction surveys that ask the questions that really matter to residents
  • Offering more frequent research to deliver a real-time view of tenant customer satisfaction, enabling early issue detection
  • Applying different analysis techniques to generate relevant insight from available customer feedback and data  
  • Generating insights that help providers deliver against their long-term objectives

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Leading Social Housing Research Providers

TTi Global Research, a division of GP Strategies (TTi), has over three decades’ experience of delivering incisive, custom market research for UK housing associations, Registered Social Landlords and other social housing providers. We are experienced in conducting all types of surveys, from annual STAR satisfaction surveys to in-depth stakeholder analysis.

A respected full-service agency and accredited MRS company partner, we understand the complex factors that go into building a successful, sustainable social housing model.

Just some of the key housing research solutions we provide include:

  • STAR surveys for tenants and residents
  • Tenant and customer satisfaction surveys to identify residents’ expectations and improve core services
  • Customer profiling research identifying specific resident groups and preferences
  • Housing research with vulnerable residents living in supported or specialised housing
  • Resident complaints surveys
  • Independent living surveys
  • Employee surveys and engagement research
  • Stakeholder research
  • Brand positioning and messaging research

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