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Improve Tenant Satisfaction with Housing Association Research

November 1st 2019

In-depth surveys that meet the demands of modern Housing Associations

These benchmarking research services have come under scrutiny in recent years, and many housing associations are looking into different research methods. This is where TTI Global Research can help. As a full service market research agency we employ our knowledge and expertise to produce easy-to-understand data and actionable insights.

The limitations of only using STAR surveys

STAR surveys provide housing associations with an overview of their performance. They also maintain historically measured trends which can benefit action planning. However, these methods have some downsides. STAR surveys only have to be completed once every three years, thus only illustrating trends at one point in time every three years, and they can also be limited to a small number of tenants. Another issue connected with STAR surveys is that all housing associations have different types of housing in different areas, benchmarking them all together does not always give a true reflection of of the entire housing stock.

Better market research for holistic insights

STAR surveys are limited as they only measure customer satisfaction. With the STAR technique, a housing association looking to boost satisfaction may try to improve their repairs system, for example, as a short-term measure to improve tenant’s satisfaction. However, in the long term the housing associations could be focusing on a more holistic view - the happiness, lifestyle and work futures of their tenants. These are key factors in tenant satisfaction and help associations improve tenants lives and, where possible, move them on from social housing. Using other types of research can highlight new actionable areas.

How TTi market research can help:

  • Provide tailor-made surveys that ask the questions you want answering
  • Offer more frequent research to uncover current issues
  • Improve tenant, customer and employee satisfaction through listening to their needs
  • Deliver insights that help housing associations meet long-term goals

Housing Associations have now started looking into alternative market research to boost the data they receive from the STAR surveys. As an expert full service research agency, TTi Global Research can deliver tailored market research for your needs. We can offer research based on tenant, employee, customer or stakeholder needs.

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