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How to unlock the customer treasure chest

Has your customer satisfaction research stagnated? Here’s how to get the results that will change your company’s behaviour.

September 8th 2014, by jack

Get the results that will change your company’s behaviour.

It doesn’t matter if your customers are few or many, whether they are end customers or another link in the service and product chain, B2B customers or high street consumer, the same principles apply: To succeed you must deliver excellent service to your customers benchmarked against your competitors.

There is a complexity behind this as you have no control over what your market and its customers will determine to constitute excellent service.

Many organisations are drawn into complacency when they have already embarked on measuring customer satisfaction. Collecting data from customers about their experience with your company is just the beginning, and if not properly planned, your customer satisfaction survey can cause more problems than it helps to solve.

This can be for a variety of reasons, such as:

  • Many organisations take the well-intended approach of measuring what they think is important to the customer, instead of what the customer thinks is important.
  • No differentiation is made between types of customer, so only a generic view is obtained from a satisfaction survey.
  • No targets are set for improving customer satisfaction after the survey, mainly because the organisation does not know how to improve it, or how the company compares to its competitors.
  • The service features in the customer satisfaction survey aren’t properly prioritised, so the company has little understanding where to start its improvement activities.

Challenges such as these cause the customer satisfaction research process to become stagnant, and the satisfaction score never varies except within a narrow band.

Related to the above there is insufficient provision of diagnostic detail to facilitate prioritisation of resources, support decision making and action taking.

Supporting organisations to improve customer satisfaction, enhance loyalty goals and understand market position are areas we focus on with our clients, so if you find your customer satisfaction survey process is stagnating or aren’t sure how to make the most of your results, contact us and we can help to point you back in the right direction.