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How Hyundai's Service and Communication Turned a Customer into an Advocate

January 16th 2018

This driver had a great experience when taking their Hyundai in for a service at a main dealership.

A customer purchased a Hyundai from a non-Hyundai franchise dealer and when it was due for service decided rather than going down the local garage route to arrange for a Hyundai dealer to carry out the vehicle service, their past experience with a premium brand dealer, left a large confidence gap to fill.

The customer initial investigations found a local Hyundai dealer on line and using the on line booking system was able to book the service on the date and time meeting their needs. The booking system even provided the service options and associated costs, with the option of a comments/question area. Having left a question about the service interval, it was a pleasant surprise the following day to receive a call from a service advisor who could answer the question and confirm the price. Within an hour of the call, both the type of service and cost was confirmed by email.

A few days before the service, the customer decided to order a touch up paint stick, called the service team and discussed the requirement with an advisor who confirmed the cost and availability for collection during the service. At the same time the customer asked if the car could be collected early afternoon on the day of service. The advisor confirmed this would be fine.

The day before the service, the same advisor called to confirm the expected service appointment and to ask if there were any further requirements of the garage during the service.

On the day of the service the car was delivered just after 8.00, the owner pleasantly greeted by two happy service advisors. The whole process discussed and confirmed the car would be ready for 2.00pm.  The customer left the dealer and went about their business.

Shortly before 12, the customer received a call informing the service was complete, the car was being washed and vacuumed and would be ready for collection shortly.

On arrival at the dealer a coffee was offered, the bill was explained and any relevant areas expanded on knowledgably. The car was then brought round to the exit and the customer was able to leave.

The customer explained that before this experience they had not used a main dealer for some time due to a poor experience with a premium brand some while before. This entire event has provided renewed confidence in this dealer, through reliability, trust, openness, knowledge and great customer handling. Their recommend score was 9, satisfaction 10 and repurchase 10.

Why was the Hyundai customer experience so good here?

There are some really good examples here of how understanding customer needs and transferring those into service process along with light touch communication has created a long term relationship for the dealer.  Maintaining a trend of these interactions through CSI enables the dealer to identify what their strengths and weaknesses are.

Staff demonstrating a positive and happy approach to their work and engaging with the customer, by always providing a timely, helpful and knowledgeable response.

Communicating in a light touch way, without being intrusive, just enough to build a relationship and give the customer confidence that their needs were understood and being met.

Through anticipating customer needs, they were able to confirm an early collection of the vehicle and over delivered on the committed timescale.

By following up with the customer after the event, to ensure no problems had been experienced and that the lasting feeling of confidence was still there.

About our Voice of the Customer Stories

Building on the insights gathered through our ongoin customer satisfaction benchmarking data, we started looking at real-world scenarios and how they influence the way people rate their experience and feel about their loyalty to that brand. 

Customer service surveys like CEQA that offer qualitative, as well as quantitative data, gives you unparalleled insights into your customers' individual interactions with your staff, digital processes and products. These can enable you to pinpoint the areas of your business that need work so you can deliver a high quality customer experience.