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How effective is your website?

April 29th 2016

Uncover visitor insights with the help of pop-up website surveys

Research shows that 81% of consumers will search online and 61% will read reviews online before making a purchase, often comparing three different retailers or suppliers.

These reviews and conversations are happening and your customers are participating. The question is how do they feel about your brand? How can you assist these buyers in their purchase and drive them to use your product or service?

Websites and wider online content are used by customers, prospects and stakeholders to find and access information about products, services, solutions, business capability and credibility. It is now the chosen route of many to make purchase decisions.

Understanding your visitors better

Live website surveys can help you gather customer feedback from users, helping you understand their needs. This information can lead to improved conversion rates and a website that serves your potential customers more effectively.

By ensuring website content meets visitor needs, information they require is accessible and visitors understand how your business will interact with them, customers are more likely to go beyond visiting and either purchase on line or take the next step and contact directly.  

Website feedback surveys helps organisations to understand what specific areas of their website are of greater interest than others and develop content accordingly. This can enable you to anticipate customer’s needs and meet their expectations.

How do website surveys work?

These surveys are displayed to users visiting your website, either appearing to all users or those who meet certain criteria – such as users who have visited more than once or those who have looked at a certain number of pages.

What can be gained from using website surveys?

By asking the right questions you can discover the strengths and weaknesses of your site, and hear the voice of a user whose experience would otherwise stay unheard.

  • Improve your website usability – find out if parts of your site are hard to navigate
  • Improve conversion rates – discover why visitors decide to look elsewhere
  • Increase growth – better understand your customer’s needs and supply anything that is lacking

TTi Websight

At TTi we have a solution: TTi Websight acts as a pop up website survey. We provide a template solution branded to client requirements, using interchangeable, dynamic questions, ensuring sustainable visitor feedback. We include all the necessary areas a client wants to measure, and provide visualised online results of website user interactions. All this gives you a tailor-made survey to allow you to tap into the needs of your customers and understand what drives them. 

Check out our TTi Websight example.

To discuss TTi Websight or any other research requirements please do get in touch