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GP Strategies Acquires TTi Global

March 29th 2019

GP Strategies, a global performance improvement provider, are delighted to announce their acquisition of TTi Global

Since acquiring TTi Global in December 2018, GP Strategies have significantly enhanced their service offerings and customer base in the automotive, utilities, and business services sectors, adding research services, new sectors, customer relationships, and capabilities.

Adam Stedham, President of GP Strategies commented; “Acquiring TTi Global is an important acquisition as we are now able to provide a more comprehensive range of solutions and services to our clients. Research not only provides insight to client, sector and market challenges, it also enables us to measure the impact of our services on the stakeholder communities we work with. As clients continue to look for ways to transform their business and enhance customer experience, we are now better positioned to help them on that journey.”

The combined leadership of TTi Global and GP Strategies will also enhance TTi Global’s ability to serve as an automotive strategic partner.

“The opportunity to join GP Strategies is exciting,” said Lori Blaker, President and Chief Executive Officer of TTi Global. “Our shared expertise and experience in the automotive industry will enable us to broaden and deepen the value we deliver to our clients.”

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