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Gathering Customer Insight to Create Compelling Customer Service

We research and analyse issues customer’s face on behalf of a leading building materials supplier, helping them develop and deliver winning customer service, resulting in increased sales and customer loyalty.

The problem:

A manufacturer of building products wants to understand how their routes to market e.g. builder’s merchants felt about a change in their account management structure and what their requirements are to ensure they continue to provide high levels of market leading services.

How we could help:

We provide a research framework which enables understanding of customer expectation and measures how important those expectations are in terms of service provision, at the same time we measure customer perception of service delivery, enabling analysis of perceived gaps.

The result:

Significant re alignment of the services provided, due to the move from a simple account managed structure to technical account management, the new team being available to provide up to date technical product information to customers and enabling merchants to better deliver to their end customer, driving sales and customer retention.