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Financial services research

Ensuring customer needs are placed first and demonstrating transparency in all dealings to create an environment of mutual trust is a key requirement for any organisation operating in the Financial Sector.

Expertise in financial services market research

Financial services market researchUnderstanding customer needs is a pre-requisite to delivering customer satisfaction, retention and market leadership in this competitive environment.

We provide different research approaches supporting our customer objectives, all of which drive effective research-based insights. Service quality measures in the financial services environment are a frequent customer requirement. Our solution enables clear targeting of action and directly impacts the correlation of customer satisfaction with loyalty.

Our service quality assessment measures the criteria customers expect of services and product offering, supported with understanding of competitor performance. This solution provides effective actionable data against which benchmarks in service can be developed to differentiate customer interactions from competition.

The satisfaction of employees can directly influence service delivery to customers and their level of satisfaction. We encourage our customers to consider the link between customer service and employee satisfaction, often providing surveys for both groups enabling the interacting areas to be understood.

Retaining loyal customers and converting them to "advocates" supports revenue retention and business growth.

Research solutions for Finance providers

Some of the solutions supporting our clients develop satisfied and loyal customers are:

  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Customer value surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Tracking - using a suite of multi-mode data collection approaches, (CATI, Web based interviews, postal etc.)
  • Measuring competitor satisfaction across different product groups
  • Measuring customer touch points and moments of truth
  • Employee satisfaction and engagement
  • Identification of brand strength
  • Brand measurement and tracking
  • Qualitative interviews - face-to-face and telephone

If you would like to discuss how we could work together, please contact us using the options available.

Financial services client successes

  • By providing insight into a series of measurements and indicators around timely processing of applications, we enabled one financial services client to win more business through changing their underwriting criteria.
  • Applying a multi-market tracking study, we found key satisfaction drivers around head office and management staff accessibility. Our client in the automotive financial services space increased methods of contact and resource, enabling more free time to interact with dealers, the end result being enhanced dealer satisfaction.