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Facilitation and action planning

How should you use your research to drive through business change and deliver real results? We can help.

Facilitation and action planning

Our services go beyond delivering reports and research outputs.

We ensure our clients receive value from the research undertaken by facilitating understanding, interpretation and action planning.

From our experience as research providers to many blue chip clients, we have built up excellent insight and techniques in support of communication and ownership.

Setting targets and achieving results

We work with clients to set realistic targets for improvement in:

  • Customer experience
  • Consumer satisfaction
  • Loyalty
  • Employee engagement
  • Staff motivation
  • Employee rewards and recognition

We also help in the development of staff reward and recognition processes to further bed-in ownership of initiatives.

In common with a service provided to several clients, we produce internal and external branded newsletters, to support communication of results and developments to staff, customers and stakeholders.

We follow up our research to help you get the best outcomes.

We conduct communication forums with customers, stakeholders and staff for clients to elaborate on results and reveal the exact experience that has caused rating of experience or engagement as either ‘poor’ or ‘excellent’ to provide further feeds into strategic planning. TTi also offers the facility of workshops to be used as a forum for identifying key strategic actions and helping organisations develop action plans.

For many organisations, customer experience and satisfaction itself is driven by the performance of employees, particularly those who are customer facing.

Employee performance is driven by employee engagement. It is therefore important to understand which components of service drive and enhance customer experience and satisfaction and loyalty and in turn to understand which components of employee engagement and commitment drive the delivery of customer needs.

Only by analysing the relationships between these components can we understand the complex links and therefore implement actions that remove barriers in the provision of service excellence enhance effective enablers.