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Engaging with Consumers and Other Key Stakeholders: Improving the Stakeholder Experience with Augmented Reality

March 20th 2018

Using AR to engage customers and employees

In our free white paper, we tell you:

  • What AR is and how it works
  • About the different AR hardware - from contact lenses to mobile devices
  • What marker and markerless AR systems are
  • How to meet the demands of today's customers
  • What the marketing opportunities are for companies
  • How some of the top brands are using AR, including IKEA and Tesco
  • How you can use AR to enrich the customer experience.

+ Bonus Content: Case Study 
See how Jaguar Land Rover wowed delegates at the launch of the Jaguar F-PACE with AR


Our Award-Winning AR Training Solution for Jaguar

Award-winning AR Training Solution We won the bronze award at the LTA 2016 for a bespoke augmented reality (AR) training solution designed to support the Global Retailer Launch Training for the new Jaguar F-PACE.