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Energy Market Research

We gain regular customer and stakeholder insights for an extensive range of electricity and gas utility companies, including Northern Gas Networks, Cadent, SSE Electricity and National Grid.

Market Research for Energy Suppliers and Retailers

UK energy suppliers face ongoing pressure to improve their customer experience. Ofgem’s aim to ensure that customers get good value for money and customer service has led to several reforms, from making switching easier to simpler tariff choices. Additionally, the emergence of challenger brands – many seeking to differentiate by offering 100% renewable energy and 24/7 online customer service – means delivering exceptional customer service is a top sector priority.    

Our proven research methodologies reveal customer preferences at each journey touchpoint across multiple channels, helping gas and electricity companies develop an excellent – and in some cases award-winning - customer experience.

These include:

  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys and Customer Satisfaction Tracking 
  • Customer Engagement Research
  • Voice of the Customer (VoC) Research
  • Customer value analysis
  • Perception trends tracking
  • Customer journey research
  • Energy Management Research
  • Smart Meter Surveys  
  • Pricing, Tariffs and Contracts Research
  • Complaints Handling Research
  • Supplier Switching Research
  • Branding Research
  • Proposition Development and Message Testing Research
  • Competitor Benchmarking Research
  • Consumer and Stakeholder Mapping and Research

Energy Market Research – Gas and Electricity Distributors

Stricter regulation targeting affordability and customer engagement present big challenges for gas and electricity distribution network operators (DNOs). It also come at time of rapid change as operators are having to focus on increasing electricity demand, de-carbonisation and smart grid innovation, squeezing margins ever tighter.   

We carry out a vast array of research for energy network operators, including:

Utilities research we’ve conducted recently include:

  • Customer Satisfaction Research programme comprising 200 interviews for Northern Gas Networks identifying customers’ expectations around Planned Works and gas Emergency Response and Repair services
  • Large-scale Customer Satisfaction Survey for Cadent Gas / National Grid Gas Distribution for Ofgem requirements identifying satisfaction with Emergency Response and Repair services, Planned Works and Connections.
  • Voice of the Customer research gathering regular customer satisfaction feedback for a Gas Distribution Network Operator
  • Significant telephone, online and postal interviewing programme tracking and measuring customer satisfaction on behalf of Wales & West Utilities gas distribution network

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Client Feedback

“Overall, we were better able to understand the priorities of our customers, and how they perceive the service that we provide. It really enhanced the information that we get through our usual customer satisfaction surveys.

“The construction of the research really challenged our thinking in terms of the journey that our customers go through.”

Eileen Brown, Northern Gas Networks