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Employee Pulse Surveys

Bespoke Employee Pulse Surveys with real-time sector performance benchmarks

You might set the rules for your customer experience, but it’s your employees who deliver it.

Research proves time and time again that companies committed to creating a thriving, engaged workforce – made up of employees who care about their work and are prepared to go the extra mile to provide a meaningful customer experience -  in turn reap the reward of more satisfied customers, more loyal customers, and ultimately, more profit growth.

Employees aren’t just a part of your brand, they’re your competitive advantage. Cultivate happy, engaged employees and you acquire:

  • Greater Productivity – Less absenteeism and more motivated, focussed workers
  • More Top Talent –  Less employee turnover, more top performers, plus increased recruitment savings and carving a reputation as a good employer
  • Higher RevenueResearch shows that when companies double the rate of engaged employees, they achieve 147% higher earnings per share than their competitors.

Expert-led Employee Pulse Surveys

A host of factors can cause an employee to do a less than perfect job, from internal processes and procedures to on-site facilities and management. The trouble is, employee satisfaction and engagement surveys have become so complex, it’s not always easy to see the actions for the data.

Our expert-led employee pulse surveys are regular, quick surveys that take the ‘pulse’ of your employees’ health. Conducted on a monthly, weekly, or even daily basis, our pulse surveys reveal the level of employee engagement level amongst your workforce, where engagement falls away and the improvement actions and communication needed to revive and raise employee engagement. 

Unlike generic engagement surveys, we build your employee questionnaire to match your company and its values, formulating questions on specific business areas and functions that your staff understand and relate to – ensuring results are 100% accurate and improvement actions are easy to identify. 

Employee Pulse Surveys – The TTi Global Research Difference

  • A vast range of bespoke employee research systems and survey types to fulfil your research objectives
  • Employee surveys which benchmark your industry’s engagement and satisfaction indicators, providing a real-life view of how well you deliver against your staff’s needs compared to your competitors
  • Employee surveys that understand and measure your employees’ expectations and how well they are met
  • Employee surveys that identify and track your employees’ unique engagement drivers
  • Employee surveys that pinpoint and trace employee engagement themes across all business functions, divisions and employee groups
  • Access to a complete range of industry-leading survey techniques and technologies to achieve your business research goals
  • Scalable employee surveys for every type and size of organisation, from smaller businesses to international enterprises
  • Highly qualified research team to implement and manage your research project, from support defining timing and frequency of your employee survey, to clear presentation of findings and progress actions.

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