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Employee and recruitment research

Employee satisfaction surveys help the staff engagement process through implementing relevant actions resulting in a strengthened workforce.

Our employee satisfaction surveys and feedback programmes focus on the issues that really impact engagement and staff loyalty, often delivering:

  • A more efficient workforce
  • Reducing sick days
  • Improved levels of service
  • More satisfied customers
  • Higher levels of customer retention
  • Increased revenue streams through productivity
  • More satisfied and engaged employees

Our team spends time with each client to understand business and people challenges, aligning surveys to organisational objectives. Employee survey development includes ensuring questionnaire design focusses the right questions to staff groups, appropriate to their working environment and are areas that will generate actionable data.

Bringing together an understanding of employee engagement with client and sector knowledge enables us to create employee research solutions, surveys and programmes that provide insightful feedback for our clients through effective employee analysis.

Employees are your most important business asset

Effective employee surveys assist organisational understanding of:

  • Employee needs and requirements
  • Actions supporting improved engagement
  • Actions supporting employee retention
  • Developing and encouraging engagement to delivering high levels of customer service

There is a proven link between employee satisfaction, engagement and customer satisfaction, supported and motivated employees provide better service to your customers, increased efficiency and improved business results.  Some of the Employee Research solutions supporting customer and stakeholder understanding we provide are;

Qualitative research

  • Face-to-face in-depth interviews with employees to understand their requirements and better understand issues
  • Focus groups to gain understanding of group requirements, better understand current and emerging issues and support action planning

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