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DRS, the Dealer Relationship Survey used by Automotive Manufacturers Worldwide

A case study of TTi Global's Dealer Relationship Survey (DRS), a unique research program covering 41 markets and currently used by 15 of the world's top automotive brands. Share research costs, gather more data, personalise your survey, and access real-time results via the online portal.

About DRS 
DRS is an international survey developed and managed by TTi Global Research to measure dealer satisfaction and their relationships with the automotive brands they represent. To make participation as easy and effortless as possible - ensuring a high response rate - dealership staff are invited to complete an online questionnaire covering core business functions and expectations:

Dealer Relationship Survey areas of measurement

To capture maximum feedback, the web-based questionnaire is translated into multiple languages and distributed across 41 world markets,   
The DRS group survey was formed in 2007 and has evolved to include 15 top automotive manufacturers, including producers of leading premium and volume brands. 
The Challenge  
Each car maker operates an international network of dealerships located throughout Europe, Asia and other countries. The ability to monitor and implement changes to improve dealer satisfaction across several markets, territories, departments and functions is not only time consuming and costly but often produces inconsistent results. 
Our Approach 
DRS enables manufacturers to evaluate dealer satisfaction at local level, quickly and accurately. Participants benefit from shared research costs, a larger representative set of dealer satisfaction figures and benchmarking data to compare ranking and performance with other manufacturers. The survey is also custom branded with the option to create personalised question sets.
Participants have access to a dedicated online portal enabling tracking of real-time response rates and early detection of dealers with lower satisfaction. Data can also be pulled and formatted into reports according to what criteria or trends users want to highlight.  
Our highly experienced DRS research team manage the research programme from field work and analysis through to presentation of results and improvement action-planning. We also design and implement effective training solutions and technologies to enhance the dealership experience, leading to smoother, more satisfying customer interactions.   

DRS survey results in online portal

The Outcome 
More car manufacturers are using DRS as part of their dealership management systems to isolate and resolve areas of low satisfaction in their network. Alongside clear ratings, verbatim comments from dealers add context, enabling effective, targeted trouble-shooting of problems impacting staff satisfaction. Increasing dealer satisfaction and building more contented, customer-centric teams committed to delivering excellent customer service, in turn increases customer satisfaction and customer loyalty.
To find out more about how DRS can drive up your dealer and customer satisfaction, contact Glyn Luckett at TTi Global Research: or call 01753 214000. 

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