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Our market research solutions support you in driving change through high quality research insight.

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TTi Global Research, formerly Lorien Connect has a successful market research pedigree. We are a member of the Market Research Society Company Partner Scheme and operate a fully integrated quality system across each stage of every project we undertake. Ensuring high quality outputs and insightful market research solutions.

We provide all services in house; our team have a great breadth of skills and experience providing market research solutions to our clients. All staff are trained in the best practice principles research, specifically those of the Market Research Society and other professional bodies we are affiliates of. Our ethics are described below.

Operational excellence

We know that getting it right first time is the cornerstone of providing our clients with high levels of service excellence and creating long term sustainable partnerships. Our client engagement process - ensures we provide robust methodologies and disciplined processes for everything we do and our products and services are delivered on-time, to cost and quality.

Client centric

We work with our clients to form long-term symbiotic partnerships. This means providing clear communication and fostering trust.

People focused

We are a people focussed business and through our employee engagement research know that how we treat our staff both reflects on and influences the service that we provide to our clients. Therefore we use open and trusting management practices to form the same long-term partnerships with staff that we achieve with our clients.

Strategic insight

With a 20 strong insight team we interpret through research, customer, employee, stakeholder, dealer and channel partner feedback. Applying appropriate analytical techniques and sector knowledge we provide clients with a deeper level of insight into their business challenges. Our unique approach, which combines the 'what' and 'how' data with the essential 'why', equips clients with the knowledge essential to planning and implementing appropriate actions or other relevant interventions.

Measurable results

Delivering long-term benefits requires continually demonstrating the value of our services. Objective measurements are included into our programs. These range from ad-hoc snapshot surveys through to international multi-lingual tracking studies.

Our competencies and credibility extend across a range of business sectors.

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