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Download: Sample Employee Satisfaction Survey

We’ve created an example of an employee satisfaction survey to help you measure how your staff feel about your organization

March 23rd 2015

Measure how your staff feel about your organization with our sample employe satisfaction survey 

An efficient company relies on good employee engagement, and that means listening to what your staff have to say. The most effective method to encourage this is through the use of employee satisfaction surveys. These can be used periodically e.g. annually, at the end of an induction phase or before  appraisals to gauge understanding of employee’s feelings and engagement.

Listen to your employees

By taking on board the views and opinions of employees, you are actively driving engagement, participation and the sort of knowledge sharing that promotes a positive working environment.


Employee satisfaction surveys can benefit your organisation in many ways:

  • Assess staff loyalty
  • Gain insights into the workplace climate
  • Measure employee attitude
  • Discover weaknesses within your organisation
  • Learn how to avoid future dissatisfaction
  • Increase employee engagement and the value created
  • Improve staff retention and loyalty
  • Increase productivity

Best practice in developing research surveys

There are many cheap, online survey tools available, and we support these. They are a quick and easy way to gain useful business insights, big or small, your organisation can benefit from listening to your staff.

However, in order to truly measure and understand your employees’ satisfaction, asking the right questions can make all the difference. TTi Global’s years of experience delivering high quality research has taught us that excellent questionnaire design is paramount. A tailor-made survey, one that takes into account the needs of your business, is the most secure way to generate results that can be implemented to ultimately support workplace growth and become more productive.

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