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Download: Sample Customer Survey

We’ve created an example of a customer satisfaction survey measuring how a customer feels about a recent service from company X.

July 16th 2014

What do your customers think about you? What was their last experience with your company like? How do you compare with your competitors? What would make your customers browse longer, buy more, tell their friends about you?

These sorts of insights have almost immeasurable value. Almost.

In actual fact, organisations are usually very aware of the cost of a lost customer, the much lower cost to retain one, and the share of the market they own, and what’s still up for grabs.

Once you realise how valuable these insights are, you need to start thinking about how to acquire them. Customer satisfaction surveys are a good place to start, especially if your business provides a service to customers.

Best practice in developing customer surveys

There are many cheap, online survey tools available, and we support these wholeheartedly – after all, companies at all levels should be finding ways to improve their service quality.

But our many years in customer research has shown us that designing a good survey – one that asks the right questions, of the right people, using the right method, and delivers data that can be turned into actions to actually affect your bottom line – takes skill, and, yes, practice.


The value you get from using a market research company to conduct your survey is almost unlimited:

  • Survey pilots
  • Competitor analysis and insights
  • Professional advice and support at every step
  • Best practice data collection, from online to telephone
  • Industry experts, who know how to turn your data into profit
  • Compliance with data protection laws and regulations

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