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Dealer and channel relationship research

TTi Global Research has a positive reputation for our multi-market group Dealer Relationship Survey, and we apply similar approaches across channel partner environments.

Improve your relationships and increase market share

We devise programmes to measure dealer and channel partner satisfaction with services and HQ relationships to support better loyalty, increased engagement, higher service and satisfaction levels, and increased market share.

Dealer Relationship Survey (DRS)

The programme started in 2007 and provides significant data to the global automotive manufacturers.

Carrying out surveys measuring dealer and channel partner satisfaction is a major prerequisite to increasing customer satisfaction and enhancing brand loyalty.

Satisfied dealers and channel partners results in more satisfied customers.

Customer loyalty rates to the business are higher and can generate better levels of revenue through retained custom.

We offer automotive manufacturers membership of our International syndicated multi-brand Dealer Relationship Survey (DRS). One of the most comprehensive and insightful surveys of its kind.

This comprehensive relationship measure has been running since 2007 and provides automotive manufacturers with perceptions and feedback of the services they provide to dealers.

The Dealer Relationship Survey (DRS) provides:

  • Analysis of dealer satisfaction
  • A member-accessed online reporting solution
  • Comprehensive suite of reports and presentations
  • Key satisfaction drivers for relationship management of dealer networks
  • Focussed action plans supporting improvement of dealer satisfaction

Benefits of participation

  • Visibility of performance versus competitors
  • Ranked dealer performance against competition
  • Market segmented analysis providing direct data comparability
  • Visibility of response rates during data collection
  • Market wide communication driving response
  • Multi-lingual approach

Channel Partner surveys

Using our highly reputable survey solution we also apply approaches similar to DRS across channel partner environments.

Specifically this approach provides valuable feedback in the following environments:

  • Retail distribution
  • Regional or national branch based businesses
  • Retail outlets
  • Franchised businesses

Our solution enables organisations to gather feedback in a timely fashion, communicate effectively with their teams and ensures actions are taken which drive satisfaction and loyalty.