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Dealer and Channel Relationship Research

TTi Global Research has a compelling reputation for delivering multi-market and multi-country surveys across a variety of dealer and channel partner environments.

Improve your Channel Relationships and Increase Market Share

We conduct research programmes to understand the drivers of dealer and channel partner satisfaction around the world, spanning different countries, different brands and different languages. Our channel partner research helps manufacturers and producers build long lasting, profitable relationships with individuals and businesses selling on their behalf. One of TTi’s largest channel partner research programmes is the acclaimed annual Dealer Relationship Survey.     

TTi’s Dealer Relationship Survey - Used by 15 Global Auto Manufacturers to Build Top-Performing Dealerships

Our Dealer Relationship Survey (DRS) is a standard-setting, globally-distributed survey we developed and manage allowing international automotive manufacturers to measure dealer satisfaction, drive improvements and build profitable, top-performing dealership networks.        

Originally started in 2007, today 15 global automotive brands, including several well-known premium and volume car manufacturers, use the syndicate survey to track dealer satisfaction and benchmark their performance against competitors, with more car brands joining every year. The DRS survey is one of the largest group automotive surveys running, gathering feedback from dealer operations across 41 global markets annually.

DRS – Driving up Car Dealer and Customer Satisfaction World-wide

Raising the calibre of operations and customer service at dealerships across diverse geographic locations is a challenge most car manufacturers face. DRS overcomes this by acquiring dealer feedback and perceptions on the services they provide, allowing manufacturers to pinpoint and prioritise improvements needed to raise satisfaction.  

  • Higher Dealer Satisfaction = Higher Customer Satisfaction: Dealers who feel listened to and whose needs are being met, can better support and meet customers’ needs increasing customer satisfaction.
  • Customer Loyalty: Dealers happy with a parent company’s actions and culture are inclined to provide attentive customer service. Memorable customer experience garners a loyal customer base and boosts repeat purchases of servicing, parts and vehicles.
  • Employee and Customer Retention: Building a network of satisfied dealers helps reduce churn, strengthens employee retention and attracts talented personnel. A motivated, customer-focussed team in turn draws and retains customers, aiding company growth and expansion.        
  • Competitive Advantage: Excellent customer service is a critical customer differentiation point. DRS hones dealer processes giving manufactures a unique competitive-edge and bolsters performance in other key customer satisfaction studies, including JD Power dealer awards.

Benefits of DRS

DRS delivers a holistic view of dealer satisfaction levels, from on-site technology to considering views of members in key roles, including Dealer Principals and Sales and Service Managers.   

All-inclusive Questionnaire – Online questionnaire capturing all aspects of the manufacturer-dealer relationship, including insight to dealer satisfaction with sales support, vehicle sales and marketing, parts and warranties, new vehicle ordering and delivery and financial support and training.  

Accurate, Actionable Data – Detailed data set at every contact point, enabling manufacturers to identify inconsistencies, troubleshoot problems and implement solid improvement strategies for increasing satisfaction.  

Service Consistency – Access to a shared, expert-led survey process for comparing dealer satisfaction and pinpointing enhancements, allowing roll-out of consistent, effective customer service across disparate global markets. 

Industry Benchmarking – Benchmarking against rival automotive manufacturers (including brands outside of DRS), to compare ranking and performance across sectors and functions.

Customised Survey – Input to question sets with personalised and brand relevant data, plus option to benchmark against any other manufacturer.      

Online Distribution and Data Capture – Fast, automated survey distribution maximising response rate and ensuring accurate, valid results.

Client Portal – Innovative online portal for tracking responses, quick identification of dealers and interactions with low satisfaction, and custom report creation.    

Research Excellence – An accredited MRS-partner, we apply the best of proven and advanced research techniques and technologies, assuring clients of the highest quality data and interpretation. Our talented research team has over 30 years’ of automotive and channel partner research experience, including extensive dealer and customer research for Jaguar Land Rover, Fiat, Honda, Volkswagen, Volvo, plus many more.  

Our dedicated in-house DRS team manage the complete research process, from fieldwork through to reporting and presentation of results. We also provide a suite of post-research services supporting automotive clients’ action planning, including developing and delivering learning programmes and apps for fostering higher levels of dealer and customer satisfaction and engagement.

DRS – The Facts

  • Used by 15 Top Global Automotive Manufacturers to raise dealer and customer satisfaction
  • 51,000 unique surveys distributed to auto dealers annually
  • Distribution across 41 world markets
  • Online questionnaire translated into 33 languages
  • Exclusive online platform for viewing up to the minute results   

Channel Partner surveys

Our agile survey solutions can be applied to a wide range of channel partner environments to help build more productive, profitable relationships with franchisees, distributors and re-sellers, including:   

  • Retail outlet and retail distribution
  • National and regional branch-based businesses
  • Franchise businesses

To find out how our dealer and channel partner research can help drive up your customer satisfaction and loyalty, contact our research experts today.