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Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) Research

Measure, track and analyse Customer Satisfaction for CX transformation

Delivering an exceptional Customer Experience (CX) is a goal for any successful business. But despite the recent emergence of the CX concept, the truest and valuable measurement of Customer Experience remains Customer Satisfaction.    

Our leading Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI) model is used by blue-chip organisations Europe–wide to measure, track and improve the quality of their end-to-end customer experience. 

Developed over three decades of conducting satisfaction research in many sectors, our CSI survey provides continuous quality customer feedback, helping enhance customer relationships, strengthen customer loyalty and increase word-of-mouth recommendations. 

Whether you need on-going product research to test customer reaction, or touchpoint research along multiple customer sales and service journeys, our consumer satisfaction indexing gives you the insight to make direct, tangible change.   

Advanced CSI Survey Model 

Unlike standard CSI surveys, TTi’s CSI solution combines latest customer satisfaction indexing with our Strategic Alignment model. This allows us to not only measure customer satisfaction but embrace all attributes that contribute to your brand’s Customer Experience. 

Benefits include:    

  • Customer Gap Analysis – Swift identification of ‘gaps’ between your customers’ expectations and actual performance, enabling targeted improvement actions.
  • Customer-led CSI model – A CSI survey built around your actual customers’ expectations and their level importance, giving clear indication of your customers’ wants and needs at each stage of their journey. 
  • Holistic Understanding of CX – A holistic Customer Experience measurement, tracking all customer interactions with your departments and people, from first contact and throughout the customer lifecycle.
  • Clear, Accurate CSI Data - A single figure or index presented in a simple, succinct format that is easy to interpret and trackable over time.
  • Company-wide focus on CX – Ability to set and track measurable customer satisfaction goals across different business areas and functions, ensuring company-wide investment.    
  • CX Transformation – A catalyst for creating a customer-centric culture focussed on providing the ideal customer experience, and embedding customer satisfaction as a core company value.
  • Competitive Differentiation – Insight to direct competitors’ behaviour and where to develop differences at defining customer touchpoints to get ahead.
  • Immediate Improvement - Ability to develop robust customer-focused strategies and actionable steps from implementation, and measure initiatives’ success.

TTi’s CSI Survey – How it works

Designing and developing our CSI survey starts with the application of our leading Gap Analysis model, CEQA (Customer Experience Quality Analysis). This allows us to understandfrom your customer’s perspective, the areas of improvement that will have the biggest impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty and recommendation outcomes.

The results of the gap analysis and subsequent CSI scores sit across the CSI survey attributes and groups, providing strong baseline data against which we can track customer satisfaction performance, including where it falls away and where to invest in enhnacements that customers will feel the most, delivering the highest returns. 

Continuous Customer Satisfaction monitoring and reporting

Our CSI model tracks customer perceptions at regular intervals over time, allowing quick detection of performance trends and response to changes in customer feeling, both positive and negative. 

Monitoring with TTi’s CSI survey is ideal for: 

  • Process Satisfaction Monitoring – Identifying friction in processes and barriers to preventing excellent service delivery
  • Customer Handling – Uncovering staff training issues, and measuring employee engagement’s influence on customer satisfaction  
  • Employee Reward Schemes – Customer satisfaction ratings to support staff reward and recognition programmes, and incentivise excellent service delivery
  • Measure Success - An indicator of success of new strategy implementation
  • Competitor Benchmarking - Comparability with direct competitors to evaluate strength of market position and develop tactical strategies to increase market share

Start your CX transformation today

TTi Global Research is a full-service market research agency in Berkshire. Our expert research designers and analysts conduct customer, employee and stakeholder research for a wide range of UK and international organisations, including energy and gas networks, retailers and automotive dealers and manufacturers.  

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