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Improving Customer Satisfaction Index Scores (CSI) for Renault UK Ltd

Renault UK appointed TTi Global to analyse and enhance the OEM-dealer relationship, while also identifying areas of improvement to craft a better end-to-end customer experience.     

CSI Scores are part of productive automotive dealership culture, providing a measurable benchmark for OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) to gauge dealers’ performance and to unlock areas in sales and after-care which need improving, in turn driving up customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Renault UK appointed TTi Global to deliver an extensive customer satisfaction research programme encompassing almost 275 dealerships and 40,000 customers annually. The aim of the research, which we’ve been conducting on behalf of Renault UK for almost 15 years, is two-fold – to analyse and enhance the OEM-dealer relationship, while also identifying areas of improvement to craft a better end-to-end customer experience.     

About Renault UK

Renault UK is a subsidiary of French multinational car manufacturer, Groupe Renault. Founded in 1899, the group employ 183,000 employees in 37 countries. In 2018, the company sold 3.9 million vehicles worldwide accumulating over £57 million in revenue. Renault UK’s network of 275 dealers sell a variety of new and used vehicles, including cars, SUVs, electric cars and fleet vehicles, alongside after-sales servicing and maintenance.

CSI Research Objectives

Renault UK were keen to understand the customer experience at key touchpoints across the customer journey, including:

  • Determining customer satisfaction at defining touchpoints during the sales process, from initial contact of sales staff through to purchase and vehicle hand over
  • Measuring customer satisfaction with automotive aftersales services, such as warranty provision, servicing and maintenance   
  • Uncovering where gaps occur between customer expectations and perceptions when interacting with dealer’s sales and service functions    
  • Identifying core service attributes that foster higher customer satisfaction, loyalty and recommendation
  • Providing a clear framework to measure and monitor dealership customer satisfaction at local and national level, enabling effective improvement action planning  

TTi Global’s Customer Satisfaction Index Solution                          

To capture customer satisfaction data across Renault UK’s dealer network, we use a proven multi-mode data collection approach, combining both online surveys and Computer-assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) by our dedicated interviewer team.

Ensuring the interviews match the customer timeline and reason for visiting the dealership – for example, purchasing a new car, or taking a used car in for repairs under warranty - is critical for maximising insight. As well as pro-actively sourcing the customer data base from Renault’s data management supplier, we obtain dealers’ Customer-Relationship Management (CRM) data on all sale and servicing activities, ensuring customer interviews are timely and relevant, generating the most perceptive responses. To foster engagement and support for the research process, we spend time communicating with and visiting network dealers. As well as encouraging open dialogue this builds dealership trust in the process, its outcomes and subsequent investment in process changes.       

Stage 1 - Customer Gap Analysis 

The customer satisfaction research programme starts with a series of qualitative interviews to understand customer expectations and perceptions at each touchpoint of the sales and post-sales service. This information uncovers not only what customers’ want at each interaction point but how important an attribute is to them, forming the foundation for an effective survey design and question sets.

Stage 2 – Dealership Customer Satisfaction Survey

The dealer satisfaction survey is issued to customers at regular intervals, providing a continuous stream of customer service feedback to central Renault and dealer managers. The questionnaire measures customer response to several core services, including rating the dealership staff and facilities, car purchase process and handover, personal follow-up after purchasing a car and the quality of MOT/Service/Repair services.  Initial CSI scores provide a series of baseline measurements across all service attributes, highlighting changes in customer satisfaction and where action is needed to improve a dealership’s performance.  

Leading Edge Technology to Enhance Sample Management

The quality of the customer sample and data protection compliance are core indicators of a research programme’s success. During the CSI research for Renault UK, as with all our customer research projects, we apply leading edge technology to cleanse and validate the sample. As well as saving significant costs to our end clients, this approach ensures accurate, high quality customer data and quicker feedback to the dealer network. 

Stage 3. Real-time Research Results for all Renault UK Stakeholders

Our online CSI reporting platform evaluates and visualises customer survey results in real-time, enabling central Renault UK and key dealership staff to:

  • Identify issues impacting customer satisfaction and brief their team accordingly on the dealership priorities and planned improvement actions   
  • Respond to customer complaints and criticisms quickly preventing issues escalating
  • Deploy new processes and quick-fire changes rapidly, the success of which can be measured and observed in the results feed as customers’ respond to the changes
  • Compare CSI scores across different dealerships, locations and customer groups, as well as analyse customer satisfaction by attributes such as, car brand, sales or service process
  • Validate customer responses with digital voice recordings, enabling Renault UK and dealership managers to isolate areas of service that both delight and frustrate car buyers and owners
  • Craft a better dealership customer experience, including identifying where to make the customer journey easier, more convenient, or personalised at each interaction point.  

to analyse and enhance the OEM-dealer relationship, while also identifying areas of improvement to craft a better end-to-end customer experience.

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