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August 2018 Benchmark Bulletin

October 11th 2018

An ‘in a nutshell’ guide to the state of customer satisfaction and loyalty in 2018, using data collected during TTi Global’s benchmarking survey in 2017/18

Our UK Customer Satisfaction Benchmark survey delivers insight into the quality of customer service in 12 industry sectors. Data is derived from an online survey of 4,951 UK respondents that was conducted over 15 months between 1 June 2017 and 1 September 2018.
Respondents were asked to provide customer satisfaction and customer effort ratings, as well as answer questions about loyalty and recommendation intentions relating to their interactions with different service providers.

Our summary shows overall scores by sector in customer satisfaction, effort, recommendation and repurchase. 

Overall Customer Satisfaction - Best and Worst

  • Online retail scored the highest in Customer Satisfaction (8.65) Recommendation (8.71) and repurchase (8.93).
  • Restaurants had the lowest Customer Effort score (4.88).
  • Telecoms and Distribution performed poorly in all four areas.

Reducing Customer Effort Promotes Increased Satisfaction and Loyalty

Results conclude that lower levels of customer effort across each key customer touch-point translates into higher levels of customer satisfaction. Satisfied customers of organisations across multiple sectors confirmed that they were more likely to recommend and remain loyal to a company when interactions were smoothly dealt with by helpful and knowledgable staff, with little effort required from the customer.

For more detailed sector insights and analysis, as well as key recommendations from the market research experts at TTi Global, download the full report for 2017/18 here.

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August TTi Benchmark Bulletin