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Customer Experience Benchmark Bulletin – March 2019

May 3rd 2019

Our latest Customer Satisfaction Benchmarking snapshot captures all the key takeaways from in-depth verbatim analysis, revealing what’s most important, and the best way to use your Customers’ Expectations to craft the ideal Customer Experience.

To enable our clients to receive the most relevant insight and to ensure their research is fresh and relevant we frequently share benchmarks and insight gathered from our ongoing customer satisfaction benchmarking survey. Our sector data and insights inform them what is happening and enables continued research relevancy.

This benchmark data set contains over 6000 records of cross sector customer insight, including interaction ratings, customer satisfaction, customer effort, loyalty and recommendation data. We analysed over 3000 comments to identify what customers expect from the ideal experience Comments have been collected from 15 sectors, from Utilities to Banking.

customer satisfaction benchmarking survey

Customer Experience Priorities for 2019

Our verbatim analysis identifies key themes among the responses given by customers across all sectors, and categorises them in order of importance, while also providing real sentiment and quotes to enhance the data even further.

Customer satisfaction benchmarking survey 2019

According to the latest data, customers rated the areas most important to them as Service Process and Delivery and the Responsiveness of the organisation

The products themselves, customer service and staff interactions were also important.  Problem management, a customer focus and reliability, interestingly, were less important to the customer based on our sentiment analysis of those 3,000 comments.

Voice of the Customer

Businesses across all sectors need to focus on the most important customer expectation areas if they want to nail their customer experience in 2019. These word clouds, produced from customer comments for the top three themes, are a good visual indicator of what customers are looking for from the companies they deal with:

Customer satisfaction benchmarking survey 2019

Service Process Themes

  • Ease of ordering/purchase/purchase confirmation/range of payment methods
  • Range of products available - Products in stock
  • Staff with knowledge to demonstrate products/services
  • Seamless delivery/collection
  • Low effort transaction/sufficient staff availability
  • Warranty services / repair / timely responses

Customer Experience Benchmarking 2019

Responsiveness Process Themes

  • Greeted in a friendly, warm way. Actively listened to and summarised back to check that they have understood. Clear response or acknowledgement that they need to check it first and then get back. Get back when they say they will.
  • Positive response whilst offering knowledgeable experience as well as listening to the issues that we have
  • Quick response from company and no quibbling when sorting your problem
  • Easy response in a quick phone call
  • Prompt response and satisfactory conclusion
  • Understanding the problem and give quick response

Customer Experience Benchmarking Survey 2019

Service Delivery Process Themes

  • Ease of being able to find what you are looking for
  • Ease of being able to place and pay for the order
  • “Delivery is really important to me. The item must arrive as promised by a reputable courier”
  • Prompt delivery and excellent customer service
  • Next day delivery at no extra cost

So, what next?

The comment themes presented in this report are drawn from many sectors and reflect the what customers expect of their relationship and interactions with organisations. Don’t dismiss these: they are critical to the success of many organisations and when improvements in these areas are put into practice, will enhance customer satisfaction and loyalty when aligned correctly.

The most effective approach is to go the next step and test how important these themes are for your customers. Then prioritise them against how well they are delivered.

Our Advanced Customer Satisfaction Survey (CSI) Model combines the latest customer satisfaction indexing with our Strategic Alignment model. This allows us to not only measure customer satisfaction but embrace all attributes that contribute to your brand’s Customer Experience. 

Outcome reporting enables you to measure loyalty and customer recommendations against the improvements you’ve put in place in the customer journey. If you would like to understand more about this approach, contact TTi Global.