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Customer research surveys for Ford Europe

TTi Global have been working with Ford as a strategic partner for over 20 years. Together we created the innovative, industry leading sales and service customer satisfaction programme known as ‘Viewpoint’.

August 23rd 2013, by louisa

A 20-year strategic partnership that has led to the 'Viewpoint' customer satisfaction programme

Customer satisfaction is an important measure of how customers feel about a brand and the services they receive through the Sales and Aftersales network.

Satisfaction is driven by ensuring customer experiences match their expectations of an organisation’s products and services, which correlates strongly with customer loyalty.

The problem:

Ford Europe wanted to access their customers in order to assess and understand their satisfaction with the Ford brand across their European network.

TTi Global have been working with Ford as a strategic partner for over 20 years. In 1987, Ford and TTi Global implemented a sales and service customer satisfaction programme that has evolved into the innovative industry leading programme known as ‘Viewpoint’.

How we could help:

Viewpoint is a Pan-European sales and service customer satisfaction survey operating in over 25 markets. The programme covers 5,700 dealers and surveys over 3 million customers each year.

Questionnaires are personalised with:

  • Customer name
  • Dealership visited
  • Vehicle details (including model image)

All responses are handled by our in-house data processing and analysis teams. We then offer our clients online multi-tiered, multi-language reporting.

As part of the Viewpoint programme, we developed the Customer Viewpoint Performance Management Tool (CVPMT), this web based tool is the access point for Ford’s European Retailer Network.

The tool provides easy access for 5,700 dealerships to:

  • Overall sales and service satisfaction scores
  • Performance on customer satisfaction key drivers
  • Fall down areas requiring corrective actions
  • Root cause analysis data and associated improvement actions
  • Library of best practice
  • Action planning tool

The action planning tool is fully automated with a simple select and click operation.

The Ford Europe Management team have access to multiple layers of customer satisfaction data including:

  • Overall satisfaction scores
  • Net promoter
  • Detailed Sales and Aftersales scores
  • Reporting by region, market, area and dealer

The results:

Ford achieved ‘Best in Class’ in terms of sales satisfaction and the number of customers who rate the Ford Ownership experience highly.

This continues to grow year-on-year.