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Customer Experience Quality Analysis

Boost customer satisfaction, raise customer loyalty and maximise profitability

In today’s connected world, it’s customers who have the biggest influence over your brand success.

86% of consumers stopped business with a company because of a bad customer experience

Did you know? 86%* of consumers stopped doing business with a company because of a bad customer experience, up from 59% four years ago.

Finding out what’s important to your customers is critical for building customer satisfaction, customer advocacy and customer retention.  

To find out what your customers expect and where your service falls short of those expectations, you need to ask the right questions at the right time, not just post-purchase.

This involves analysing your customers’ experience across all touchpoints, from their pre-purchase expectations and helpfulness of your sales team during purchase, to the smoothness of your payment systems and effectiveness of your staff dealing with after-sales queries. 

This is where TTi Global’s innovative Customer Experience Quality Analysis (CEQA) system comes in to play.

A leading customer research solution, CEQA enables you to understand and, importantly quantify, the quality of your customer experience at touchpoints across multiple communication channels in both your B2C and B2B environments.        

The CEQA framework – How does it work?

TTi Global Research’s CEQA framework allows complete validation and tracking of your customers’ experience, taking into account the variety and volume of different customer types, their individual needs, values and decision-making criteria. 

The framework combines the principles of the renowned PZB Service Quality Gap Model with powerful gap analysis strategies we’ve developed over 25 years of delivering end-to-end customer research for blue chip organisations

CEQA focuses on three key areas:

  • Identifying the moments of truth customers go through when aligning their values with yours
  • The quality criteria they use to judge each experience
  • The outputs that reflect how well your organisation delivered against each attribute.

How is CEQA different from other CX research programmes?

Unlike standard customer research programmes which don’t give organisations the depth of insight required to make a difference, CEQA unearths customers’ priorities at every touchpoint of their journey. This data allows companies to make tangible improvements to their processes, increasing customer loyalty and repeat purchase rate.

  • CEQA is customised to reflect your customers’ journey across mobile, social and traditional channels, delivering detail-rich, precise insights of what your customers like, love and dislike.
  • CEQA not only identifies customers’ expectations and their priority of importance for your company but how your closest competitors measure up to those expectations.
  • CEQA highlights the exact technical innovation and automation systems your customers want, enhancing customer experience and brand differentiation.
  • CEQA pinpoints what your customers want now and how those needs will evolve in the future, enabling you to future-proof your customer experience.
  • CEQA is a highly scalable solution suitable for all sizes of business, from small and medium companies to global enterprises.

What does CEQA measure?

CEQA delivers next-level customer insights. No other CX research framework provides the context around your customers' journeys at each touchpoint, with data that translates to real actions and recomendations for tangible improvements.

  • Beyond customer perception
    – CEQA doesn’t only measure customers’ perceptions of what you do, it uncovers customers’ requirements of what you do.
  • Context and competition
    - CEQA provides forensic level understanding of your customer expectations, how important they are in the context of your organisation and your competitor’s organisation.
  • Future proofing
    – CEQA reveals the innovative technology your customers want and what is likely to disrupt, giving you competitive advantage.
  • Target improvements
    - CEQA identifies what you do well, areas for improvement and what you could do less of, saving time and money.
  • Holistic customer view
    - CEQA puts the customer at the centre of the research framework, tracking every stage of interaction with you.
  • Predict change
    - CEQA provides intelligence indicating change before the market detects it, allowing you to shape your customer experience strategy accordingly.

Transform your customer experience with TTi Global Research

TTi Global Research is a full-service market research agency in Berkshire with almost three decades’ experience of conducting national and international customer experience research programmes.

Our expert research strategists and designers develop and implement world-class customer and consumer research for organisations, ranging from small and medium companies to multi-national corporations, including Jaguar Landrover and the National Grid. 

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*Source: Harris Interactive

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