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Customer Complaints Satisfaction Survey Programme for Radian

How Tenant Satisfaction research helped Radian understand the impact of its complaints management process and identify service improvement actions.

The Client

Radian is an award winning organisation, employing over 800 staff and providing nearly 21,000 homes in Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Dorset, Hampshire, Isle of Wight, Surrey, Sussex, and Wiltshire.

Business Requirements

Radian complaints management team have a process of understanding complaints and bring about a resolution, their approach follows these principles:

  • Have a clear plan – Radian have a clear and open policy on complaints
  • Staff trained in complaints handling – This ensures they have confidence to tackle the difficulties a customer has experienced and support in their actions
  • Radian ensure priority and authority to their complaints management – Ensuring staff who deal with them must have sufficient authority to resolve complaints completely
  • Ensuring complaints are processed from all sources – Radian receive complaints – in person, by telephone, by mail, by email/internet. Their organisation is geared up to handle all of these efficiently.
  • Radian required TTi to assess the level of post complaint resolution satisfaction, enabling understanding of where in the compliant process there were any specific touchpoints or outcomes causing dissatisfaction.

How Research Helped

Our approach included undertaking post-complaint resolution telephone interviews with customers, measuring satisfaction and collecting insight verbatim comments, enabling Radian to track changes with their performance standards and services for monthly reporting to complaints management teams, and to support good governance.

To capture verbatim comments for managers to use when identifying service improvement actions.  Verbatim insight and analysis is an important feature of our services. Our interviewing team are trained to probe customer responses adding insight and depth to the results we provide, enabling a deeper approach to analysis and developing service improvement actions.


Radian have been able to understand through this initiative where their complaints management process is having an impact on perceptions.

Results show an average 64% response rate, indicating a positive willingness amongst customer to provide feedback about their interactions.

Overall across the study, respondent perceptions improved positively by 5% across the research period, indicating customers were experiencing improvements in complaint management.

This programme validated Radian's approach, process and systems to deliver a high quality complaint management process.