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Customer and consumer market research

Measuring customer satisfaction with research

With consumers more connected than ever, understanding how to satisfy customers, make them come back, spend more and tell others about how great you are has never been more vital.

Our customer research programmes identify the precise satisfaction drivers, value drivers and actions that will raise your company’s customer satisfaction, loyalty and advocacy levels.

Unrivalled customer insight with our industry-leading CEQA system

At the core of our customer and consumer research programmes is our unique Customer Experience Research Analysis (CEQA) framework.

Developed over almost 30 years’ of working with some of the world’s best known brands, CEQA puts your customer at the centre of the research framework, tracking every stage of their interaction with you, across every communication channel.

Unlike other customer research programmes, CEQA doesn’t only measure customers’ perceptions of what you do but uncovers their expectations of what you do, enabling you to identify and implement improvements that will significantly boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.

CEQA also delivers:

  • Competitor analysis and benchmarking – market intelligence showing how you compare to your most successful competitors
  • Holistic customer view – rich insight to what your customers want across all communication channels
  • Future proofing – understanding of the technology and self-service solutions your customers want to enhance their customer experience, giving you competitor advantage
  • Actionable improvement plan – clear identification of strategic and organisational improvements to enhance customer satisfaction and customer loyalty

We provide deeper understanding of your business-to-business relationships

It doesn’t matter whether they are your employees or suppliers that form an essential link in your service and product chain, understanding your business-to-business relationships is as important as understanding your high-street purchasers. Long-term success is dependent on delivering excellent service to all customers, both internal and external.   

We’ve helped many organisations enhance their customer experience, achieve loyalty goals and better understand their market position through our targeted, in-depth business-to-business research solutions.

Our research findings help you to develop and enhance processes supporting better customer service delivery and provide insights to buying cycles and customer buying behaviour.

Our customer satisfaction research services enable you to:

  • Understand the ‘ideal’ customer experience – outlining a vision of what the ideal customer experience looks like in your customers’ eyes
  • Measure your customers’ actual experience compared to your competitors
  • Identify specific gaps in service provision
  • Pinpoint where actions need to be implemented
  • Track performance and service standards
  • Integrate customer feedback with other relevant customer data

Cutting-edge consumer research for real business results

Our customer research supports a significant number of UK and overseas clients in making operational and strategic changes, leading to improved customer results and increased profits.   

Our research services encompass a wide range of data capture methods, from innovative online research techniques to traditional methodologies, such as one-to-one and telephone interviews.

Customer Research solutions we offer include:

If you would like to know more about how our consumer research can bring real results for your company, contact us today.