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Consumer Research for B2C Businesses

Understand customer satisfaction drivers to make better decisions

Discovering how to satisfy your customers, make them come back for more and tell others how great you are, is key for a thriving, profitable business. 

TTi Global Research provide the customer insights you need to help your company get ahead, and stay ahead. As a leading UK full-service customer research agency, we have the experience and expertise to deliver your complete customer research programme, from support defining your research brief – so you ask just the right questions - through to conducting your research and presenting the findings in a way that’s meaningful and easy to understand.

As well as unearthing fresh customer trends, we pioneer research solutions that really get to the heart of what make your customers tick.

We’ve been providing razor-sharp customer and consumer insights to businesses of all sizes, in all sectors for almost three decades. During this time, we’re proud to have become the customer research partner of choice for many blue chip companies. Although long-standing, we never stop learning or discovering.

Unparalleled Customer Insight with TTi’s CEQA System

At the core of our customer and consumer research is our unique Customer Experience Research Analysis (CEQA) framework. CEQA puts your customers at the front and centre of the research framework, tracking every interaction with your company across every customer touchpoint.

Based on the PZB service quality gap-analysis model, CEQA is one of the only programmes to give a holistic view of your customer’s journey, enabling you to:

  • Understand and create your customers’ ‘ideal’ experience
  • Measure customers’ expectations and perceptions of what you do
  • Identify the ‘gaps’ in between customers’ expectations and perceptions
  • Pinpoint the strategic and operational improvement actions needed to boost customer satisfaction
  • Benchmark and analyse your performance with your most successful competitors

Discover more about our Customer Experience Research Analysis (CEQA) framework

Multiple, Effective Customer Data Collection Methods

Your customer research project is unique. Once we’ve listened what you want to achieve, we select our most appropriate team experts – often with direct experience of your sector - and research tools to achieve your customer research objectives.

As one of the largest research agencies in the UK, we offer a full range of qualitative and quantitative customer research solutions, including:

Broad Sector Experience

Over the years we’ve partnered with clients from virtually every industry sector – including clients from private, public and voluntary organisations - equipping us with knowledge of the individual customer expectations and challenges facing your business.

Consumer-facing sectors we specialise in include:

  • Automotive Manufacturers – UK and International Markets
  • Business Services – IT, Financial, Recruitment and Management Consultancies
  • Construction – Building and Building Product Manufacturers
  • Housing – Housing Associations and Housing Groups
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail and Online Shopping
  • IT and Digital Services
  • Utilities

To find out more about how our expert customer and consumer research services can improve customer satisfaction and drive your business forward, get in touch below.