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Complete Customer Research Programme for Balfour Beatty

We design and undertake a full customer satisfaction research programme for Balfour Beatty to enhance their service delivery, customer relationships and better understand their customers’ future requirements.

The problem:

In support of customer principles, customer management and understanding customer satisfaction, Balfour Beatty established a requirement to gain improved understanding of their service delivery, relationships and future requirements.

Through understanding these requirements, Balfour Beatty were able to refocus their service delivery and management of relationships within the appropriate areas.


Specific objectives of the research included:

• Understanding customer expectations and perceptions of the service they receive across different customers, contracts and services.

• Highlighting opportunities for service design, best practice and process introduction

• Providing a framework for the Balfour Beatty marketing team to facilitate improvement

How we could help:

From outset TTi worked with the Balfour Beatty team to gain understanding of their business challenges. TTi provided a comprehensive response to Balfour Beatty requirements with an appropriate research methodology.

The research set out to achieve agreed objectives, including:

• To understand and prioritise customer expectations of services
• To measure customer perceptions of the service they receive against their expectations
• To compare differences between various customer groups
• To highlight opportunities for service improvement and introduction, value added provision, best practice and process intervention
• To provide a framework for the Balfour Beatty marketing team to facilitate future improvement

This research was undertaken applying a mixed methodology approach of in depth qualitative interviews, face to face interviews and interviews via our telephone unit business interviewing team.
All interviews were pre appointed, supporting the senior base of respondents we worked with.

The result:

The interviews conducted were transcribed and all data analysed.

Our reporting structure enabled Balfour Beatty to identify actionable priorities and review individual customer comments to place the results in context. Results were compared across the different customer groups in graphical format and full tables provided, colour coded to identify best practice and actionable areas.

Balfour Beatty project teams were able to use the results at both an individual customer and at service level. This supported Balfour Beatty wide business actions and development of specific project related actions.