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Our market research case studies

Find out how market research programmes have provided actionable insights for companies like yours that help them drive change and perform better.

Raising Dealer Customer Satisfaction for Ford of Europe

How TTi Global's Customer Viewpoint Performance Management Tool (CVPMT) enabled Ford’s European retailer network – comprising some 5,700 dealers - to access and engage in the customer satisfaction

Improving Customer Satisfaction Index Scores (CSI) for Renault UK Ltd

Renault UK appointed TTi Global to analyse and enhance the OEM-dealer relationship, while also identifying areas of improvement to craft a better end-to-end customer experience.     

Turning Interaction into Insight with Sentiment Analysis.

TTi Research’s YVOS (Your Voice Opinion Survey) in action for leading multinational project development and construction group.

Customer Complaints Tenant Satisfaction Survey Programme for Radian

How Tenant Satisfaction research from TTi Global helped Radian understand the impact of its complaints management process and identify service improvement actions.

Case Study: Tenant Satisfaction Research using Radian STAR Survey Programme by TTi Global

Find out how TTi Global developed the Radian STAR Survey Programme for a continuous picture of levels of tenant satisfaction and to inform current service performance, and support improvement.