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October 17th 2017

Customer Satisfaction Trend Survey: June - August 2017

Read the top findings from TTi Global’s latest Customer Satisfaction Trend Survey (Jun-Aug 2017), which captures customers’ perceptions of a wide range of industry sectors, including Automotive, Utilities, Leisure and Retail.

October 5th 2017

Sector Spotlight: Utilities - Customer Satisfaction Research in the Utilities Sector

New customer satisfaction research by TTi Global on customers’ perceptions of their utilities providers shows that the ‘higher the customer effort, the lower the customer satisfaction’.

August 26th 2017

Customer gap analysis in the UK Utilities sector

The UK’s utilities industry – electricity, gas and water suppliers - continue to perform poorly when it comes to delivering good customer service. Can Customer Gap Analysis put suppliers back on track?

July 25th 2017

Between your thoughts about the customer experience your company provides, and your customers’ actual perception of your performance, lies a gap.

June 28th 2017

Tackling Employee Disengagement with Learning and Development

We outline the actual cost of employee disengagement and how to revive engagement with a winning learning and development strategy.

June 20th 2017

Negative Customer Service Stories That Went Viral

We've highlighted three customer service stories that have hit the headlines and what your company can do to become a Customer Service #FailFree zone.