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January 16th 2018

How Hyundai's Service and Communication Turned a Customer into an Advocate

This driver had a great experience when taking their Hyundai in for a service at a main dealership.

January 16th 2018

 A Real Customer's Experience with Service Consistency Across Stores

Here's one Sainsbury's customer's real-life experience with varying degrees of customer service in two of its UK-wide stores.

January 15th 2018

UK Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Survey June - Nov 2017

Figures from TTi Global’s latest UK Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Survey comparing customer experiences with service providers uncovers more interesting consumer insights. Here we reveal which sectors are delivering the best and worst customer service and what companies can do to generate higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.

January 8th 2018

Comparing customer satisfaction scores across top brands in online, premium and supermarket retail. Which UK retailers are winning for customer satisfaction?

December 20th 2017

TTi Global Research is pleased to announce it has retained all Gas Distribution Networks (GDNs) research contracts supporting regulatory customer research services.

December 4th 2017

Sector Spotlight: Automotive Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Data

Automotive after sales customer care must improve to counter drop in revenue.