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September 4th 2019

Employee Insights Revealed: Manufacturing Sector Scores Lowest in Job Satisfaction

In the latest bulletin from our ongoing Employee Benchmarking Survey, Manufacturing sector employees revealed low levels of engagement and satisfaction, as well as shifting priorities.

August 19th 2019

Utilities Sector Update: Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Report

Our latest Customer Satisfaction Benchmark Report captures a full 24 months of data and Customer Experience insights, and you can download it for free.

July 9th 2019

Think you Don't Need Customer Research? It's Time to Think Again...

It shines a spotlight on customer problems, makes strategic decision-making easier and provides a framework for improving customer satisfaction and sales.

June 11th 2019

The One CX Research Strategy Every Brand Should Know

While traditional customer experience survey templates are effective for getting a snapshot of service at a certain point in time, bringing about a step-change in company culture needs a progressiv

May 22nd 2019

The True Cost of Losing a Customer (and How to Keep Them for Good)

And why it’s cheaper to spend more on customer retention.

May 9th 2019

Customer Experience in 2019: Why it’s Time to go Back to Basics.

If you don’t know what your customers’ expectations are, how can you meet them and manage them, let alone exceed them in a rapidly changing market?