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July 25th 2017

Between your thoughts about the customer experience your company provides, and your customers’ actual perception of your performance, lies a gap.

June 28th 2017

Tackling Employee Disengagement with Learning and Development

We outline the actual cost of employee disengagement and how to revive engagement with a winning learning and development strategy.

June 20th 2017

Negative Customer Service Stories That Went Viral

We've highlighted three customer service stories that have hit the headlines and what your company can do to become a Customer Service #FailFree zone.

June 6th 2017

3 brands winning at customer service

Super-fast turnaround? Knowledgeable staff? Considerate after-sales service? We all know the ingredients for winning customer service but where do you focus resources to make the best of every customer interaction?

June 2nd 2017

Four simple learning and development solutions to boost employee engagement

Is your company suffering a motivation meltdown? You’re not alone.

May 16th 2017

Are you making these CX mistakes?

Are you making any of these common customer experience mistakes?