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B2B Customer Research and Competitive Analysis

Gain deeper understanding of your B2B relationships and market opportunities with TTi Customer Research

TTi Global Research helps many Business to Business companies enhance their internal customer experience, supplier and distributor relationships, achieve loyalty goals and better understand their market position through our targeted, in-depth B2B research solutions.

Our experience of conducting research for UK and international B2B organisations spans almost three decades and covers multiple business sectors, from global car giants to non-profit UK housing groups.

With the capability and expertise to carry out every quantitative and qualitative research method, including face-to-face interviews, telephone surveys and focus groups, we offer a full project management service, starting with a questionnaire design that gets to the heart of exactly what you want to know, and ending with easy-to-digest data and prioritised action plan.   

Tailored, Effective B2B Research

We specialise in creating effective, customised research programmes perfectly in tune with your brand and values.  

Using the industry-leading Customer Experience Quality Analysis (CEQA) framework - a cutting-edge system integrating the best and most effective customer research practices – we can track your internal customers’ journey across every interaction with your company on an ad-hoc or continual basis.

Our B2B research enables you to:

  • Understand what your customers want and what attributes make up the ‘ideal’ customer experience for internal customers and stakeholders
  • Identify ‘gaps’ in your service provision and policies
  • Measure your customers’ perception of their experience compared to your competitors
  • Pinpoint and prioritise where improvement actions are needed most
  • Track performance and service standards over time to measure the impact of improvements
  • Integrate customer feedback with other relevant customer data, giving a holistic view of your company

Our B2B clients

We conduct B2B customer research for a considerable number of UK and overseas blue chip clients across an extensive sector range, including Automotive, Finance, Construction, Housing, Manufacturing and Utilities.

As one of the few UK research agencies with a dedicated in-house Computer Assisted Telephone Unit (CATI), we’re able to conduct multiple interviews with your clients in the UK and abroad at any one time, accelerating the research-to-results process.

Our benchmarking surveys pinpoint the best and worst interactions with and within your company, delivering insights about where to make changes to processes or improve employee training.

Ready to Improve Your Internal Customer Experience?

Our B2B customer insights help clients improve processes supporting better service delivery to internal and external customers, in turn, raising customer satisfaction and bottom-line performance.

Take the first step to enhancing your internal customer relationships and contact our B2B research experts today.