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Raising Dealer Customer Satisfaction for Ford of Europe

How TTi Global's Customer Viewpoint Performance Management Tool (CVPMT) enabled Ford’s European retailer network – comprising some 5,700 dealers - to access and engage in the customer satisfaction programme and evaluate its findings. 

TTi Global Research has provided Customer Satisfaction and Customer Experience research for leading automotive manufacturer, Ford of Europe, for over 30 years. Working closely with Ford’s central Marketing and Customer Satisfaction team and taking a continuous development approach, we have evolved existing research processes to deliver a world class, best practice research application. Custom designed and developed by TTi, Ford’s research solution draws disparate dealership network information into a single agile platform, enabling effective customer data collection, reporting and action planning.    

About Ford of Europe

Ford of Europe AG is a subsidiary company of Ford Motor Company. The company manufactures, sells and services Ford vehicles in 50 markets and has approximately 5,700 Ford-owned and joint-venture dealer operations across Europe. Dealers market a wide range of new and used Ford vehicles, including cars, transit vans, SUVs and electric vehicles. Alongside automotive servicing, repairs and MOTs, dealers offer financial services through Ford Motor Credit Company.

Research Goals

Ford wanted deeper understanding of customer service levels provided by their pan-European dealer network, enabling informed decision-making about changes needed to optimise customer satisfaction and loyalty. They also wanted to uncover ways to strengthen their OEM-dealer relationships, growing strong, successful sales partnerships. 

Bespoke Dealership Customer Satisfaction Survey                   

To gather customer satisfaction data about Ford of Europe’s dealer network, we adopted a multi-mode data collection approach comprising three main components:  

  • Postal Customer Survey – A personalised customer satisfaction questionnaire in a striking brand consistent, scanner-friendly format, helping instil customer trust and support for the research process.       
  • Online Customer Survey – A fully branded online customer satisfaction survey, applying advanced programming technology to deliver a smooth, user-friendly survey experience, in turn maximising the response rate. 
  • Telephone Interviews – Applying telephone interviewing at key points of the research, allowing customers to choose their preferred response method and optimising participant numbers.

Our advanced data collection platform has capacity to align and merge multiple data sources, including postal returns. Our highly skilled team can dispatch approximately 250,000 questionnaires and process 50,000 returns monthly. As well as providing consistent, high quality data sets, this saves clients time and money on conversion programmes and manual de-duplication, as well as streamlining research results.

Custom Online Reporting Solution

All TTi’s online reporting solutions are developed in partnership with our clients and research stakeholders. Experience shows that this collaborative approach has significant positive influence on an organisation’s use of customer satisfaction results and in stimulating a step-change in company culture.

Supporting Ford’s approach to continuous improvement, we developed a comprehensive custom online reporting suite to manage and view survey results - Customer Viewpoint Performance Management Tool (CVPMT).

The reporting suite provides a wide spread of current customer intelligence, including;

  • Data quality reporting to track nationwide dealership customer satisfaction standards
  • Customer-Relationship Management reports
  • Dealer performance league tables
  • Action alerts flagging sales and aftersales processes impacting customer satisfaction  
  • Customer segment analysis and summaries 
  • Research data collection updates 

Our reporting suite enables Ford’s European retailer network – comprising some 5,700 dealers - to access and engage in the customer satisfaction programme and findings. 

The CVPMT tool provides dealers with pertinent customer satisfaction index scores and action points, including:

  • Overall sales and service satisfaction scores
  • Performance on key drivers of customer satisfaction
  • Low performing areas requiring corrective actions
  • Root cause analysis data and associated improvement actions
  • Library of dealership best practices
  • Automated workflow area for introducing new processes and actions, showing corrective action required and management sign-off when complete.

As well as providing insight at dealer level, CVPMT provides Ford of Europe’s senior management team with multiple layers of customer satisfaction data. In addition to highlighting customer satisfaction trends, the reporting suite provides crucial network intelligence including:

  • Poor performing dealers
  • Dealers requiring action plans
  • Dealer search facility
  • Focus dealers