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ASOS’s perfect customer experience ruined by delivery companies?

February 12th 2018

This customer had a nearly perfect customer experience when ordering via ASOS’s mobile app

A customer is browsing the internet looking for new clothes, after searching through a couple of websites they chose to go with ASOS, and purchase through ASOS’s mobile app. As a frequent shopper with ASOS the customer knows the quality is usually good, and the price is very fair.  The customer then goes through the fast and simple ASOS checkout on the mobile app, and pays with apple pay. All ordered and paid for in a matter of seconds, straight from the customers mobile.

The customer then receives an email from ASOS confirming the order, and stating the order should be with them in 3-5 working days. A couple of days later the customer receives another email from ASOS saying the product has been dispatched. Then on the fourth day after ordering the customer receives an email from ASOS saying that the parcel is with the delivery company and will be delivered the next day. The delivery company in this case is Hermes. Up to this point the customer has had to exert very little effort in ordering the product, and the customer experience ASOS creates is simple, and easy to use but very effective.

The delivery companies letting ASOS down

On the day the parcel is supposed to be delivered the customer receives a text from Hermes saying

‘Your ASOS Parcel is now with your local Hermes courier and is on its way to you. Delivery will be attempted between 12:00 and 16:00 today.’

However the parcel never showed up, no note was left saying they missed you, and no contact was made to try and redeliver the parcel. The next day the customer received the same text from Hermes saying there would be an attempt to deliver the parcel between 12:00 and 16:00 that day. Again the parcel didn’t show up, the now disgruntled customer contacted ASOS’s customer service through Facebook Messenger. ASOS quickly replied and checked their records and Hermes had claimed to have delivered the parcel that day. The next day the parcel just appeared on the door step with no text from Hermes saying they were going to deliver it.

After a near to perfect customer experience with ASOS, the customer was still left feeling with a bad feeling towards the company caused by the delivery company.

What could ASOS do to improve this?

ASOS’s customer experience is exceptional. However once ASOS pass the parcel over to the delivery companies, they trust them to finish the job. Which in some cases lets them down. More communication between ASOS and the delivery company would create less issues, and reduce customers having to get in touch.

The TTi Global Benchmarking survey results (a benchmarking survey conducted on a monthly basis sent to 350 people) showed that third party services, like delivery companies impact the customer satisfaction in the online retail industry. Here is a qualitative example from the survey:

“The rating for Amazon is 10 but my dissatisfaction is with Hermes because they never attempt to deliver the parcels at my address, they always leave them at a business nearby without telling me or asking me.”

ASOS need to maintain their customer experience throughout the transaction when the customer first goes on the app/website until they receive the product. Using a customer experience survey like the Customer Experience Quality Analysis (CEQA) would have helped ASOS understand the customers’ expectations and built into the supply process necessary changes. 

Image, by Jamie [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons (modified)