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Are you making these CX mistakes?

May 16th 2017

Delivering meaningful, memorable Customer Experience should be every business’s goal.

But the rapid take up of mobile technology has not only shifted the goal posts, it’s put the customer firmly in charge of the game.

1. Not knowing what your customers want

Not Knowing What Your Customers Want –  Having little grasp on what your customers want can sound the company death knell. But in fairness, it’s got much harder to know who your customers are, let alone decipher what they value.

Access to social media, comparison websites and the ability to buy from any corner of the world has not only given customers a surfeit of choice but made transactions ‘faceless’. If you can’t identify your primary customers, how can you flex your customer experience accordingly to help your business grow?

2. Ignoring customer complaints

Ignoring Customer Complaints – Customer complaints are part of the fabric of service provision. Although many organisations have effective strategies to remedy direct customer complaints made in person, via telephone or email – negative comments on social media and online review sites go largely ignored. Research1 shows that almost three quarters (71%) of companies don’t respond to complaints on social media channel, Twitter.

Ignoring customer complaints is not only detrimental to your reputation – posts can be seen by all your followers and fans - but provoking customers further by ignoring their grievance is a deal-breaker. A recent report2 shows that the large majority (89%) of customers take their business to a competitor following a poor customer experience.

3. Lack of Self-Service Options

Lack of Self-Service Options – Customers want a fast response (the most valued attribute of Customer Experience) whether ordering from their favourite takeaway or upgrading their bank account. Furthermore, over two thirds (67%)3 of customers say they prefer self-service to speaking to a company representative.

Implementing a self-service portal not only gives customers the rapid response they desire, but can help reduce operational costs, free up customer facing staff to focus elsewhere and provide solid data to inform and shape better business decisions.

4. Snubbing Positive Feedback

Snubbing Positive Feedback – Only focussing on negative feedback means you’re ignoring priceless customer advocates and their many benefits.

Acknowledging customers’ glowing remarks not only reinforces your position as a respected brand but encourages them to do it again.

Vocal customer advocates may even take steps to defend your organisation against other people’s complaints. They also offer insight as to what your business does well and where your team members’ strengths lie.

5. Not Experiencing Your Customers’ Journey

Not Experiencing Your Customers’ Journey - There are myriad of ways for customers to experience your offering first-hand – pop-up adverts, in-store, on the phone, via your website, email, social media, mobile app and live-chat support.

For every channel, customers will have the expectation that their experience - whether browsing, ordering, monitoring delivery, posing a question or making a complaint - will be handled quickly, efficiently and professionally.      

It doesn’t matter what size business, tracking your customers’ journey across every platform is critical for addressing where the experience works and where it falls short.    

How to Improve Your Customer Experience

The key to upgrading your customer experience is gaining accurate, holistic insight to what your customers want.

One powerful research tool consistently helping companies enrich their customer experience is Customer Experience Quality Analysis (CEQA). 

Unlike standard customer research programmes which don’t give organisations the depth of insight required to make a difference, CEQA unearths customers’ priorities at every touchpoint of their journey. This data allows companies to make tangible improvements to their processes, increasing customer loyalty and repeat purchase rate.

  • CEQA is customised to reflect your customers’ journey across mobile, social and traditional channels, delivering detail-rich, precise insights of what your customers like, love and dislike.
  • CEQA not only identifies customers’ expectations and their priority of importance for your company but how your closest competitors measure up to those expectations.
  • CEQA highlights the exact technical innovation and automation systems your customers want, enhancing customer experience and brand differentiation.
  • CEQA pinpoints what your customers want now and how those needs will evolve in the future, enabling you to future-proof your customer experience.
  • CEQA is a highly scalable solution suitable for all size business, from small and medium companies to global enterprises.

Like to know more about how CEQA can improve your customer experience? Call our customer experience experts today on 01753 214000 or email us here

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