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12 Bottom-Line Reasons to Engage your Employees (Infographic)

The most common employee engagement issues and what your business can do to improve them.

December 21st 2014, by louisa

If your staff are feeling disengaged your business could be losing out on a lot of earning potential. However, with the right knowledge and encouragement your employees can be set on the right track, improving their engagement and your business’s profits.

Happy employees = improved productivity and profitability

The most important thing about understanding employee engagement is learning what matters to your staff. Once you know what spurs them on, you can empower them, and help cultivate a more productive and profitable organization.

Our experience and research shows that a number of factors, from improved lines of communication to encouraging career growth, can make a huge different in how productive and engaged your employees are.

Everyone can benefit

What may come as a surprise is just how much disengaged staff can impact your business. Not only are engaged employees harder working, more creative and less likely to be absent, they are also more likely to generate more sales and in turn help increase your overall profit margin.

And one of the areas that can employee engagement can have a huge impact on is customer service. Companies who invest in improving engagement report higher levels of customer services, which in turn generates improved customer feedback.

Staff satisfaction surveys - investing in your company’s future

There are a few easy steps you can take to ensure a positive work environment and an engaged work force.

  1. Assess the situation: market research companies like us specialise in employee research and satisfaction surveys. We use qualitative and quantative data to get to the root of employee engagement a staffing issues with our tailor made questionnaire process.
  2. Digest the findings: We’ll then report back to you in a concise and easy to understand way, so you can see what the issues are and how to use them to built a more satisfied workforce.
  3. Implement change: Use the findings to make a difference. Help your employees feel more listened to, empowered and more loyal.

Call us or email if you would like to understand more about how we go about this process.