Trusted experts in customer, employee and stakeholder research

Research isn’t just about numbers.

It’s about context. It’s about understanding your customers, your employees, your stakeholders and your market position. It’s about creating discussion and learning how to be different in the right way.

Our research gives you more than numbers, it delivers the insight you need to drive change, grow relationships and get results.

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Our insightful, innovative and sustainable research solutions include

Customer research programs

Customer Research

How well do you know your customers? Enhance customer experience, increase loyalty and create new revenue streams.

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Employee research

Employee Research

Understand and strengthen your workforce with employee satisfaction and engagement research programs.

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Stakeholder research

Stakeholder Research

Manage your company's reputation and perception with constructive, collaborative stakeholder research.

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Why Choose TTi Global Research?

We build strong lasting relationships - Our teams work hard to build trust and collaboration, to develop sustainable insights

We listen - An attentive flexible service that listens and works with you to achieve your goals

We understand how to get results - More than 25 years of working with national and international brands in a variety of sectors

Research insights - our market research company

Working with you to gain valuable insights for your business

TTi Global Research is accredited and experienced in designing, delivering and reporting effective market research solutions. Our vision is to be the UK research agency of choice and work in a collaborative relationship with all our clients.

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